My debut

Well I feel a little late to finally be joining the blogging world as it seems that everyone has had a blog except me. So why start now? It’s pretty straightforward; I like to share my thoughts/opinions with others, and I enjoy writing and I think blogging will help to keep my creative writing skills fresh. I’ve always kept a journal, but when you know that no one’s reading it sometimes you write really random things; this way I can write what I hope others will enjoy reading!

When I first joined and created my profile, there was a space that I could put my tagline. That got me thinking so much that I had to stop creating the rest of my profile to give a little bit more thought to what I’d want my tagline to be (don’t worry it didn’t take me years; just some minutes reflecting!)

I came up with ‘co-creating harmony’. Why this?

A central theme I’ve noticed in my life since I was a child is a strong desire for things to be in harmony. I think this partially comes from years of singing in a choir in which you need to be attentive to how others are singing/playing music around you so that overall what you sing/play is beautiful (and the audience claps!). Still today if a new song comes out I can listen to it for the first time and 10 seconds into the song I can sing the rest of the tune.

Another reason to desire harmony I believe could be inherited; my dad has told me lots of stories of my grandmother and how she would always be bringing about peace between the neighbours through quiet conversations that would eventually bring them around to sorting out their differences. I have several childhood memories of trying to establish harmony between my friends; one of which was in the fourth grade (I think I was 9 at the time) and I sat down with two of my friends who had been fighting and made them write down a list of things they did not like and did like about each other. I then showed to them in a logical manner that it did not make sense for them to keep fighting because the things they liked about each other outweighed what they did not like (ah, the things we do as kids!).

Co-creating came from some of the lessons I’ve learned in my quest for harmony. I used to get into a lot of trouble with friends in high school when I could not take sides and join a group. And I never wanted the groups to be separate; I wanted all of us to hang out together. That didn’t always work and sometimes left me in the middle of everything and sometimes with all the blame. As an adult I’ve started to understand that harmony needs to be co-created; it needs to be desired by others. I don’t want to impose harmony on others; I want us to bring it about together and have it as a shared purpose.

For now, I’m satisfied with this introduction and hope you enjoyed it. I think I already have my next post in mind; does harmony negate innovation? 

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