5 Awesome Women 2014

In honour of International Women’s Day, Juan asked me to name 5 awesome women; women who I appreciate, admire, have learned from and who I personally know.  Well as it turns out I know a lot of them – definitely more than 5! Nevertheless, I have come up with my 5 awesome women (and hope to continue each year to come!).

Suchada Ithijarukul: Suchada is the CEO of Siam Makro the largest and most successful wholesale cash & carry retailer in Thailand. Retailers I know in Europe are rather heavily male-dominant; so it’s great working with a female leader who (in this tough, fast-moving, detail driven industry) is sharp and intelligent while at the same time being personable & warm.

Jennifer Corriero: I met Jennifer years ago when I was running AIESEC in Canada. It’s been great seeing her and TakingITGlobal keep growing and reaching new heights. With all her successes, she has a down-to-earth manner that allows her to quickly engage with anyone, anywhere.

Seta Keshisian: My wonderful former theatre Director with whom I brought to life several characters in different Armenian plays when I was a teenager. She always had a no-holds-barred approach to feedback; you always got notes during rehearsals and she always pushed you to do better. A wonderful woman who keeps Armenian culture alive in the diaspora.

Annette Wassenaar: Before moving back to Netherlands a few years ago, Annette lived nearly 10 years in Russia where she co-founded and eventually sold a successful real estate publishing business. She recently founded Yellow Walnut, a company that offers support services for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. It’s great experiencing how Annette brings forward pragmatic business solutions for a topic she is enthusiastically passionate about.

Sanam Navid: Sanam is one of my oldest friends and though I live an ocean away, I still consider her one of my closest friends. She’s one of the most resilient and brave women I know; there  is nothing life can throw at her that she can’t overcome. She recently founded Balafant Boutik a modern baby emporium that delightfully serves the needs of kids and parents at the same time (if you’re in Toronto go check it out!).

I could write pages about these women, but have tried to keep it short 😉 Who are your 5 awesome women?

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