5 Awesome Women 2015

Last year, in honour of International Women’s Day, I named 5 awesome women; women who I appreciate, admire, have learned from and who I personally know.  Here are my 5 for 2015.

Mazzy Cameron: Mazzy is the walking definition of awesomeness. Not only does she challenge her own boundaries, but she is able to facilitate others to tap into and unleash their own awesomeness. She’s a leadership & development expert (currently at eBay) & also just launched what she calls her own virtual place to play!

Denise Duffield-Thomas: I’ve been following Denise’s adventures online since she and her husband won a travel competition and spent 6 months traveling the world trying out honeymoon locations and sharing their experiences online. Since then she’s written two books and developed a fantastic online business, luckybitch.com helping women release their money blocks.

Marijn Wiersma: Marijn is a living example of social intrapreneurship – transforming organisations from the inside to be more sustainable and socially conscious. Besides her current work at FMO (the Dutch development bank), she is also active in and co-founder of social networks such as the Bank of the Future and each year organises TEDx Leiden.

Jeanine Jansen: Nearly 7 years ago Jeanine and I were paired up for a personal dinner conversation at one of ELP’s practice development workshops. Since that conversation, she’s not only been a colleague, but also a dear friend. She is a facilitator and coach at Remember the Talent and has the capacity to support people from all walks of life – from business executives, to young professionals, to entrepreneurs, to children.

Lori Najarian: If you look through my childhood family photos, you’ll come across dozens with Lori and I dressed up in all kinds of costumes ready for our dance recitals. Today she’s not only still dancing, she has her own dancing troupe as choreographer and producer of the Hamazkayin Dance Institute and ‘Erepouni’ Dance Ensemble with over 100 students and dancers , ages 6 and up. If you’re in Toronto check out their creative shows!

Who are your 5 awesome women?

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