Do you set others up for success?

The recent Olympic men’s gold hockey final game got me thinking about this question. It was triggered when I watched Jarome Iginla make an amazing pass to team Canada’s captain Sidney Crosby, after which he shot the puck and scored winning Canada’s 14th gold medal.

How often do we spend time trying to take the glory for ourselves, rather than considering what we can contribute to a common shared goal/success? Working with management teams, I notice a lot more fighting for attention and recognition rather than cooperation; people looking out for themselves but not for the team. Teams require a few conditions to perform well together – I think this game definitely illustrated at least two of these.

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Reflections on Dutch leadership

I’m attending an event on Dutch leadership organized by De Baak and Amsterdam Bright City. It got me thinking of what reflections I’d want to share about Dutch leadership.

The characteristics of Dutch leadership I’ve noticed are sometimes useful and sometimes not – though the utility depends highly on the context, though some might not be useful irrespective of the context.

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Happy Canada Day!

This is one of the first Canada Day’s that I’ve spent at home in quite some time. I suppose like many Canadians I represent those that are the curious world travelers. But not being home for some time has made me realize just how much I miss this country.

If you’re not a Canadian and have no idea what Canada Day is all about, you can read more about it here: Courtesy of the Canadian Government.

Some of the things I love about Canada:

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The problem with employee engagement

Several of the companies I work with do an annual employee engagement survey. This is a company wide survey that essentially asks employees questions about their manager such as, do you think your manager communicates what is expected of you, do you regularly receive recognition when you do a good job, does your manager provide you with timely and helpful feedback etc.

Not a single one of these questions asks employees what they have done to ask for feedback, to recognize their teammates, to ask questions about what is expected of them. I believe these types of surveys just reinforce the parent-child like relationship between managers and employees. As a team member, I need to take responsibility over managing my own work and ensuring I build the right kind of relationships with my teammates, clients, and boss so I can achieve what I want to achieve.

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Growth is Good

I’m continuously perplexed when I meet people who talk about growth like it’s a bad thing. I’m referring to those individuals/groups I’ve met that are always talking about boundaries and limits to growth.

To me it seems that we are asking the question, how do we stop growing? I don’t see that it is growth itself that is a problem. Nature itself is in constant evolution. Animals, plants, natural life is continuously experiencing change and growth. As humanity the question we should be asking is what are we growing towards? What is our goal as mankind? And then we should be looking at how we are achieving that goal and what indicators we are using to measure our progress towards our goal.

The fact that we talk about sustainable development is an indication that the system we have built is not the right one. Growth and development should be inherently sustainable. We can see this in nature; nature is constantly growing and developing and if it had not been sustainable then we wouldn’t have a planet to live on right now!

So instead of looking at growth and saying it’s bad; let’s instead examine the problem a bit closer to see what the real problem is.

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Why we should learn improv

For a number of years I attended classes for improvisational theatre. At the time, from my scientifically and mathematically inclined family I generally got the feedback that, ‘oh you’re doing that fluffy stuff’. Back then I couldn’t clearly articulate what I saw as the many benefits of taking these classes gave to my life in a way I am able to now.

I believe improv can teach skills that improve leadership and management abilities in at least three key ways:

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Being in Flow

This evening during my spinning class I was again reminded of the amazing feeling I get whenever I’m in flow. We were in a moment where we’d already been cycling for 40 minutes and the teacher put on a hardcore electronic track and made us stand while cycling at breakneck speed. In that moment as I hit and surpassed 130rpm it felt as if I was one with the bike; it was a feeling of complete flow where I was going so fast and with perfect technique.

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Next generation entrepreneurs

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about entrepreneurship in the context of how do I define entrepreneurship and what makes me an entrepreneur. The conversations inspired me to think of how I would visually represent the characteristics of the next generation entrepreneur. (Visualizations inspired by what I learned from Ole at Bigger Picture!)

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April 24, 2009: Hope for the future

I have some very interesting memories of April 24th. I remember waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning and driving with my mom and aunt to the community centre. From there getting on a bus with 50 other people and with several other buses together driving to Ottawa (about 5 hours from Toronto) and spending the entire day walking around the city with flags and banners and yelling the whole way. Throughout the day we’d listen to speeches, song, stories, poems people sharing their stories, the stories of their parents, and grandparents about what came to pass in 1915.

Today my memories are not sad, angry, confused, or frustrated. I am hopeful that reconciliation is possible. There are two reasons for this:

1. Reading about Turkey and Armenia’s rapprochement talks currently being mediated by Swiss authorities

2. Remembering the email I received from a dear Armenian friend letting me know that even without official diplomatic ties AIESEC in Armenia and AIESEC in Turkey making it possible for a young Armenians and Turks to participate in an exchange program enabling them to experience living in each other’s countries.

Like I wrote in a previous blog posting; you can’t hate someone whose story you know. I am hopeful that continued dialogue and empathy will connect us to our humanity.

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Authenticity vs vulnerability

In a recent conversation I was discussing with some colleagues vulnerability and behaviours associated with being vulnerable. The characteristics they mentioned were quiet, introspective, meek, calm. My immediate reaction was, wait it’s not just these characteristics which show that a person is vulnerable. Some of the most vulnerable people I know are those that scream, refuse to engage in conversation, and put up walls all around them. Why is it though that we don’t immediately associate vulnerability with these behaviours? Why are those behaviours seen as more acceptable and are revered as they demonstrate toughness?

Any behaviour which goes to an extreme means that the person is scared and feels that they have lost control. Behaving in a vulnerable manner is a reaction to an external influence. Whereas authenticity is driven from within: in philosophical terms it’s a way of dealing with your environment in a manner faithful to internal ideas than only external ideas.

In working with teams, some colleagues refer to individuals in teams needing to get more vulnerable. And what they mean is that they need to become more aware of their external environment. I look at it as needing to get more authentic; what do you want to bring, what triggers you to be defensive when you feel that you are attacked, and how do you remain resilient and open to listen in face of that?

My boss recently shared with me his metaphor for resilience. Imagine yourself as a sponge; you can choose to be completely permeable and let everything seep into you, or you can choose to wrap yourself in saran wrap and let nothing come in. There is a middle ground, choosing to be a sponge with oil in the middle. Staying true to yourself while also learning and engaging with your environment. Vulnerability is not productive in any shape or form; but people respect and admire authenticity because authentic are like the semi-permeable sponge. True to what they believe in yet open to engage with others in a non-defensive manner.

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